Boston Tea Party



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The Boston Tea Party happened as a result of taxation without representation. The East Indian Tea Company were going bankrupt because of the French and Indian War so they realized they could make lots of money by taxing American Colonies since by the time of the Boston Tea Party, it has been estimated 1.2 million of tea each year and tea was imported in the American Colonies. People got mad because they were being taxed without getting anything which led them to lead the rebellion. They board three of the British ships and they threw 342 cases of tea that had been imported from Asia overboard into the Boston harbor on December 16, 1773.

The colonists seem to be in the wrong for destroying private property. If they were willing to be held financially responsible for what they did, then I would say they were morally right to protest this way. Civil disobedience that accepts the consequences for such disobedience is a more ethnical way of protesting. I think of Judge Moore who refused to remove the 10 commandments from his courthouse and willingly took the punishment for disobeying.