Breaking Into Jail to stay Safe



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A 23 year old man from Hamilton Ohio broke into jail to get away from people who were trying to kill him. He had jumped over the fence which had barbed wire on it and was then stuck in the community. He foolishly called 911 for help telling them that he was being chased by people who were armed. They found this man a day later and he was arrested not because he broke in. He was arrested because the police found he had several warrants for his arrest.

He was worried about his safety; he was trying to run from the bad guys, but why would be think it would be a good idea to break into jail? He would have been safer if he would have called the police before running to let them know. Or if he would have known he had warrants out for his arrest, why didn’t he tell someone else about it so they could have called on his behalf. Did he get charged for breaking into the jail for protection?

This young man would have been better off if he had viewed the information below on every citizen’s right to a lawyer: