Brood x Cicada’s and Their Relation to Arts

Brood x Cicadas and Their Relation to Arts
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Everyone knows the nostalgic yet unsettling ear-piercing ring of the summer cicadas. But only a few remember seeing the “Brood x Cicadas”. They are a certain breed that are distinctly different from the annual cicadas, unlike the annual cicadas these have red eyes, a black body, and red or orange veined wings. This summer is the start of the 17 year Brood x Cicadas, they will be making their appearance all over.

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Cicada on tree branch, 1919, Fan mounted

The Brood x Cicadas have had countless connections to art, literature, and underlying meanings. For thousands of years they have been used for different foods, literature, and Chinese art. Cicadas being in Chinese art can date back up to around 4,000 years, they have been depicted as figures of resurrection, and were carved from jade and placed onto the tongues of the deceased to symbolize a hope of rebirth and immortality. Brood x Cicada’s and Cicada’s in Chinese Art

Cicadas have recently become a big focus of peoples attention, there have been plenty of popular articles on how you can prepare the Brood x Cicadas for eating. There have been people posting recipes for the best cicada dish, and lots of people of the new generation have been partaking.

One of the unique recipes possible with cicadas, bringing out he nutrition, protein, and sustainability of the cicada’s

Lots of nutritionist have said that with the trillions of cicadas, they could be a good alternate protein source. Although they haven’t done a nutritional composition of the cicadas, they are most likely the same as other insects. High in protein and low in calories, they are more sustainable than the big animals like pigs and cows. Lots of people find that weird and gross and wonder why its not more popular if the sustainability is that high, but they are popular. Around the worlds, lots of cuisines have been eating bugs or are starting to pick it up.

Forbes: Advice on Eating Cicada’s

Cicada Serenades: Music, Mating, and Meaning | World Science FestivalRecently We have been finding more and more things to do with the cicada’s and Music Professor David Rothenberg found something different. He found a way to integrate them into music, he said his muse was that he was born on a cicada year, and after experiencing the Brood x Cicada’s he found a wanting to play music with them, while some dread the deafening sound of them, he revels in it. Anyone else would see them as 1 big loud group of tv static but there are actually quite more intricate. In the general brood there are actually 3 different species, and an individual cicada vocalizes. When you have millions of them they synchronize, creating an interestingly pleasant sound. David Rothenberg plans to get the best musicians together and gain a new experience with them while playing music with the Brood x Cicadas. He wants to find out what its like for them and how we can integrate them into music. Professor David Rothenberg Music

Cicada Hand Drawn Seamless Pattern 178292 Vector Art at Vecteezy

There are countless and endless things you can do with the coming Brood x Cicada’s, whether it be related to the arts or even modern cuisine, cicadas have been around forever and people are now finding new and old ways to integrate them into our daily lives. They are truly a fascinating species because of their connection to history and culture, they have been portrayed as symbols of life and rebirth. For the years to come I feel that we will find more and more ways to have them in our life and how they can connect with us to have them in our life. Cicada’s have connections to the arts, and literature, as time passes we find new ways they were integrated and how we could integrate them into our lives. While they are just an insect, we can learn from cicadas that anything in nature can be useful or used in art. It shows us that even the small things we overlook can have great impacts and support us in ways we cant imagine.