California Burning; then Came the Mud Slides


On Monday, October 9th, cartoonist and writer Brian Fies lost his home to the wildfires that tore through California’s wine country. By the following Sunday, he had chronicled the experience in a comic, which he published on his blog.


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Following a an October and November filled with smoke and ashes in the North central part of the state, In December southern California dealt with six wildfires destroyed homes and caused families to leave the area. Over 141,000 acres burned in the fires from L.A. to San Diego.

Current California fires

Here’s how rare it is to have large wildfires in December in California

This fires are caused by being so dry and strong winds in the Southern California. The strong winds make the fire worst because they are making the fire to expand. The wildfires are  also caused by the change in the weather pattern.  The fire has cost the state $74 million to fight since December 4. The fire can’t be stopped because of the high winds and dry weather. The winds go about 50-60 mph.

“A wildfire in Southern California that sparked devastating blazes across the region remains, as of Wednesday morning, the second-largest fire in California history, with only 55 percent of it successfully contained. The Thomas Fire is not expected to be fully contained until January 2018 and is on track to become the largest fire in California history.”

The fires caused the closure of highways and displaced nearly 200,000.,,,but then came the mudslides. The State of California is responsible for rescuing its citizens as well as the cleanup from these yearly natural disasters.  For more information on the California Environmental Protection Agency CLICK HERE.




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