Can technology in the future help save us?



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Article name: Doorbell camera shows possible kidnapping in Los Angeles: ‘Somebody help me!’


A home security video caught a voice recording of a woman screaming for help. The video shows a car passing by. Police are investigating this as a possible kids nap.

Witness In Los Angeles describes a black male suspect pulling a black male suspect pulling a black female by her hair before putting in her vehicle. Neighbors claim the woman was taken away in a white Toyota Prius. Police are now investigating the incident. In the doorbell camera video was taken at about 11:20 pm on a Tuesday.

“ Somebody help me, somebody help me please” -the woman yells

“ I’m sorry, I’m sorry” – The possible kidnapper replies.

These are many tragedies that happen from day to day in the united states and possibly around the world. Why isn’t there safety security in our neighborhood? Today in the 21th-century technology is improving. Just like the case in LA the doorbell camera was able to be evidence of saving the woman’s life. This would be great if everyone had it to decrease robberies inside homes, kidnapped, or to capture kids egging a house. Unfortunately, not everyone has the economic help to have the device in a home. Especially not everyone around the world can have that possibility. Let’s think outside the box, How about putting cameras in those street lights, and traffic lights. Then the police can track possible routes of those criminals it wouldn’t be a bad idea. What are your thoughts on my idea do you think that the criminal percent will decrease a little maybe in cities like LA, Las Vegas, Dc or New York?