Can The U.S. Play The Terror Game?

Can The U.S. Play The Terror Game?


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Insisted by President Obama, U.S. troops will not enter combat in Iraq.Obama went to the U.S. Central Command in Florida and restated that they will not be sent to combat against the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. Obama thinks that this problem will happen over and over again, because once we leave he feels that the problem will arise again, so he made the decision to train the Iraqi Forces to fight for the security of their own country. He states that this method will succeed over the long term. When we do things alone and the countries don’t do it for themselves, as soon as we leave the same problem arises. This comment was made my Obama at a press conference.

There are going to be more countries fighting against the militants, but the countries helping are only carrying out some air strikes, none of them are going on the ground. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told members of the congress that if airstrikes fail, then we should help fight on ground against ISIS. Obama stated that the only reason troops would be deployed to Iraq would be for training and intelligence purposes.

The Presidents power is massive in this situation because he is the commander and chief. He makes all the main decisions on whether to have troops on ground or just carry out airstrikes. He has already made a decision to only have airstrikes on the ISIS group, but this might not work because of how vast this group is. We have shot missles into Syria and have injured many of people and devasted areas. This isn’t the right way to defeat ISIS because inocent people are getting hurt. He has the right idea to protect our soldiers safety in not sending them and this is good core values that he is protecting. The head commander of the army even said it would be a better plan to fight on foot to defeat this group. This group is very big and it’s growing. They keep capturing more parts in Syria and will continue unless more countries including us fight back.

The biggest problem of this fight against ISIS is they are growing so fast and capturing many areas. It is hard to recognize them because they can be disguised as normal bi-standers. What we need to do is send many of troops into Syria and disguise ourselves to look like bi-standers and when we need to take action we are there to do so. Also if we disguise ourselves we can do some investigating and get more information on how this ISIS group operates and their main headquarter spots. Then we can pull those troops sent back and then from there send airstrikes to these areas we gained knowledge of where ISIS was operating. I would give the president the advice of sending troops into Syria to assist the Iraqis in this war, because i think that is the only way this war can be ultimitaley ended. We need to get a tactic of scaring the ISIS group, because latley this group has been trying to scare us. Once those things change then i think we can make bigger advancements. Maybe our security is at risk because we are to open about our thoughts and decisions unlike many other countries who are more secretive.