Can video games help develop real life skills?

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There are more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world. Video games have had an ongoing big impact on human’s daily lives that some are almost being consumed by it. There are a lot of people arguing if video games have a positive or negative impact in people’s daily routines. There are many people out there who think that you could learn personal life skills and there are others thinking that video games can influence people in doing harm and violence or just bad habits in general. There are more gamers out there than you may think. Here is some information about video games that might shock you.


There are many types of games that could be played online, some are into games that need a lot of thinking and strategizing such as “Starcraft”, Starcraft is a military science fiction game that makes you make decisions under pressure to create ways to outsmart your opponents.


There are also games such as “The Sims” in which you could create your own character and create decisions for your character to pursue to be successful; you could just simply turn on cheats and just focus on the house building aspects of the game to make a place lovely for your character to stay in. 



There are also games that need intense communication and coordination such as “ Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” which needs two players in order to play. One who reads the instructions on how to diffuse the bomb and the other to listen on the instructions and defuse the bomb. It is like a surgical assistant giving the right tools to the surgeon in order to have a successful surgery. Video


There is also a game called “CS:GO” and “Valorant” which are a 5v5 first person shooter that needs quick decision making and team awareness; these games need  teamwork to make the dream work. Players need to communicate with their teammates using different callouts on how are they going to defend or attack the base with different types of strategies and while executing them with great coordination


There are also games that would make your brain to get moving or it might grind your gears on how hard it is to solve the puzzles. There are games such as “It Takes Two” which is the game of the year for 2021; It is a two player game where they need to work with each other in order to solve the puzzles thrown at them, the players need to get crafty in coming up ways to solve their problems. Video


There are plenty of games out there that are available on the computer, mobile, or a console specifically made for playing video games. There are games could help you improve or even learn new skills that help in real life situations. There is research about gamers being good managers; It is a research where the researchers use the game “Sid Meier’s Civilization” if gamers could manage better than those who don’t play videogames. Here’s the link about the research if you are interested:    ——————Link ——————