Can We Trust the President with Covid-19?


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How did Trump get COVID-19, and whom has he infected?
USA Today October 2020

On Friday October 1st President Trump tweeted saying he and his wife tested positive for covid-19.  The origin of it could have came from the Rose Garden gathering announcing the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.  Mr. Trump was taken to Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland by helicopter directly from the White House lawn and three days after he was released back to the White House and saying he had been cured. 



President Trump was hospitalized for 3 days at Walter Reed .  After Trump left the hospital he announced that  “I feel better than I did 20 years ago”. It seems to me that could be hard to believe given that he is 74 years old and that in the video of his arrival at the White House it is clear that he had trouble breathing normally.  As he said, maybe he got a cure.  This raises questions because medical experts say there are long term effects from Covid-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci; lead doctor for the CDC, warned that there could be a reversal.  Many people who recovered from Covid 19 have felt well but have had a reversal.  Trump may say that he is cured and well but from what we have learned there could be a reversal in his condition.

Trust in the American President is important because as American citizens, we depend on our President to make changes for our benefit and progress as a nation.  A President always leads by his or her actions; for better or for worse.


During Trump’s time with Covid-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the nation’s leading doctor for the CDC who has been giving us the most information. People have come to trust Dr.Fauci because of his experience and honesty about the reality of  what we should do to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Now in an interview with CBS news on 60 minutes Trump has discredited Dr.Fauci.

 I believe that President Trump is anxious about re-election since he is behind in the polls. This could mean that he thinks that his votes are more important than others lives. It is hard to think that he feels better than he has ever been in 20 years.  He is acting like masks don’t work or don’t matter and this is putting many at risk. It seems that he is not listening to the advice from the scientists on how to take care of himself because he is still holding rallies and is still not wearing a mask. America has not faced a pandemic like Covid-19 in over 100 years. More than 240,000 Americans have died from this disease. During this crisis it is important to look to our leaders for guidance on how to be safe and healthy. The scientists told us to wear masks to control this disease and to stay socially distant. President Trump has not been following the scientist’s advice. He still holds rallies without a mask  and still doesn’t stay socially distant from others.  Lately President Trump has discredited Dr Anthony Fauci who has been the leading expert in Covid. It is hard for Americans to know what to believe about Covid when we get mixed messages from Trump and the scientists.