Cat VS. Dog to save boys life

Cat VS. Dog to save boys life


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Imagine riding your bike around your front yard on a sunny day and out of nowhere your halted to the grown by a neighboring dog, and as you scream for help the unexpected happens Tara saves the day.

On May 13th around 5pm this terrifying event accorded in California to a young boy riding his bike. Surveillance cameras around the resident caught the event. Lucky the boy in safe he was rushed to the hospital and was treated. And the hero of the day the Tara the family’s cat is also safe.

The dog is under observation. CNN Legal analyst commented and said the owner could be charged with assault. Under California penal code section 399 if your dog causes serious injuries you the owner can be charged with misdemeanor or a felony. There have been other cases were dogs have harmed others and even have caused death and the owners have been charged with assault. We should all be adware of our own animals and their behavior but also we should be adware our neighbors animals. As humans we tend to adopt our pets like family and we forget that at the end their animals so as a dog owner I stay aware my own pet. I also believe that pets behavior reflect on the way we treat them just like a child tends to follow their parents footsteps I believe animals do as well. Therefor I agree with California laws that if an animals charms another person then the owner by law should be held accountable for their act.

Below is a copy of California’s law

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