Celebrities’ High Pay for Unhealthy Endorsements


Byonce signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi in 2012.


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Think about making 6 million dollars off of one simple TV commercial that consists of only three words, “I’m lovin it”. There has been a new study in recent months of the high paying endorsement deals given to 65+ celebrities by 57 different types of food brands and beverages. The majority of the brands are extremely unhealthy as they also have a high risk of addiction.  Although this might not be as serious as other addictions, any kind of negative addiction is unhealthy in the long term of any human being. Addiction is only a side problem in this case, the real issue is the lack of moral ethics from celebrities endorsing the products and the type of consumers who are most vulnerable to their celebrity influence.


Sodas are seen everywhere and as an addictive product they are huge money makers in our society. Many celebrity commercials are endorsing sodas, but do celebrities know the impacts they are making on our society?  Do they consider haw the negative might outweigh the positive effects by representing these brands? I don’t think so in this case, it seems like celebrities are in it for the money as these brands have been paying an extremely high price to have these stars hold a can of “Pepsi” or “Coke in their commercial. This has a negative influence on fans who look up to these people for guidance in order to lead a long and successful career.

What celebrities need to realize is their fans are way less fortunate than they are and they will try to walk into the footsteps of these stars in order to have a better life, and promoting these drinks that ultimately harm the human body is not the way to do it. Many of the rich and famous actually have personal health trainers who likely advise them not to consume the very products they are endorsing.  This might be one more example of the hypocrisy of the wealthy class in America.  In fact human addiction to sugar was a driving force behind the African slave trade for over 300 years.  While “free market” capitalism advertises itself as the democratic ideal in opposition to any idea of slavery, a more honest look shows that nothing in our history is free and equal for all.  The best thing we have to emancipate ourselves is our own education and awareness of the situation.

Some have compared the Soda industry to the tobacco industry and many are calling for the same type of health risk warning labels on sodas as are mandated by law on tobacco products.  See the story here:

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