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CELLPHONE in today is seen like very important for some people.  You can watch people around you, I think 8/10 people will look at their phone.  Students spent too much time on the cellphone.  Even thought it’s during class, students can’t help to check on the phone.  How can school help students get off the phone?



In the new school year, the cellphone policy was a new rule in our school.  Students couldn’t use their phone during class. Instead every student put their cell phone on the wall and turned it off.  I think this is a good idea because students can give more attention to the teacher.

 Should parents buy cellphone to their children when they are too young to have a phone?

Schools in Maryland allow elementary students to carry cellphones

You probably see high school students talking and texting on their cellphones all the time. But what about elementary school students?

Kids in Montgomery County, Maryland’s public elementary schools could soon be allowed to bring cellphones and other electronic devices onto school grounds. Elementary students would only be able to use the devices during the school day if a teacher allows them to do so. But students could use phones and tablets after dismissal or on school buses if new rules are passed.

Last time when we had a video conference with the six graders in a local elementary school we as high schoolers asked the six graders how many of them have cell phones.  Almost all of them raised their hands.  That was surprise to me.  When I was in sixth grade, I had no phone.  As a young mother of a 2 year old daughter I don’t know when I would buy her a phone.  I would want to stay communicating with her but I think its too distracting at a young age and too much money.  Maybe when she is in high school but for now I am going to enjoy her without a phone.