Chaos in Aleppo

Chaos in Aleppo


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On  a  Tuesday afternoon in mid December a United Nations meeting took place to discuss the gunning down of the civilians who were attempting to flee Aleppo, Syria and the murder of residents in their own homes. Syrian rebels, Russia and Turkey were potentially making a safe escape route for residents to leave. The UN has estimated 82 deaths in a few different neighborhoods, including at least 11 women and 13 children. Rubert Colville, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said some people were shot in the streets as they tried to escape. Military action has stopped, and civilians are paying a brutal price during all of this.

Now, about 37,000 people have fled eastern Aleppo and western areas of the city/countryside. This event is described as a complete meltdown of humanity. Evacuations of the cities began mid month in order to protect the remaining civilians. Civilians and fighters could all leave to rebel-held areas of the country, or face arrest and other reprisals if they don’t avoid government districts.


I honestly don’t understand how a group of people can listen to a “high power” of government and think it’s okay to go door to door killing innocent people, especially children. Innocent defenseless people died.

The best way to solve this is to evacuate the rest of the city and have other countries help out with shelters, food, medical supplies, search and rescues, and doctors. The murderers should be arrested immediately and the military needs to start taking action again.

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