Charleston Church Shooting



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Unfortunately South Carolina is home to known hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. But even though the shooting yesterday in Charleston, South Carolina was described as a hate crime, it is not linked to any of these white supremacy groups.  It seems to be the violent and ignorant act of a single white male named Dylaan Roof.

Roof ran into an historic  African- American Church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot up the room, killing 9 people. Police took the 21 year old in custody with the help of observant citizens 14 hours later and 240 miles away.  It was an all-night manhunt after three men and six women were found dead on the scene.  In order to seek justice, citizens need the truth and security cameras  combined with social media helped the media  zero in on the suspect.

Opinion and Commentary

We need to be prepared for these race incidents to happen because they have been happening for decades all around the world.  I do not think it will ever end unless there is total world peace. Human beings will always be capable of good and bad acts.  This man took away the life of many innocent people.  He had exercised his free speech prior to this hate crime by letting his prejudices against blacks be known.  Could this senseless violence have been prevented? I do not think so, people will always have their own views on things and one person`s actions can change the world forever. There really is not stopping it, only learning to cope with it. The balance of American liberties  is a part of this story when you discuss 1st and second amendment rights.  Should not hateful speech be taken as a serious threat?  How did this young man get a gun?  Is the second amendment privilege in America to liberal? I do believe it is too easy to get guns in America and especially for incidents like this I do not think it should be so easy to obtain a weapon.  How do we keep the promise of safety in public places.  This was especially threatening as it occurred in a place of worship and one of the victims was a South Carolina Senator.