Child Calls 911 for Risky Mother


msr sergio

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On November 13, 2015  in Ottawa, Canada, a child of nine years old called 911 to alert them that his mother was driving a car while intoxicated with him inside. The regional police said in a press release that a woman of 52 years old was drinking and driving with her child inside.  The authorities got a call from a cellphone, but did not hear anyone talking on the other side of the call. For this reason the police called back and a child inside the van answered.  The police said the child seemed afraid, but he was able to say his name to the operator, that he was nine years old, the description of the car, and where he lived.

I think people who drive while intoxicated need professional help, because not only are their lives in danger but others too. They have to first accept that they are sick and have an addiction alcohol. The child had a good reason to call 911 and report the mother since she will get help and find a cure, this child may have helped save lives. When anyone drives drunk everyone is at risk. Alcohol is a drug that hurts addicted people and causes too many accidents.

What should you do if you suspect a drunk driver?

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