Chinese labor camp inmate tells of true horror of Halloween ‘SOS’



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Falun Gong Practitioners Directing Attention T...
Falun Gong Practitioners Directing Attention To Human Rights Issues In China (Photo credit: infomatique)

A note discovered  by U.S citizen  Julie Keith reveals horrifying events that are currently going on at a Chinese labor camp.

“If you occasionally (sic) buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization. Thousands people here… will thank and remember you forever.”

“Mr.Zhang” was found out to be the one who wrote the note informing people about what is take place within the camp. Keith eventually got the word out about what she had found in the toy’s box getting it the news out internationally. Mr.Zhang reveals stories of how the inmates would get tortured, abused physically and verbally and other forms cruel torture. The story relates to government, because of how the situation will be dealt with. The World Human Right Organization is a form of a authority that deals with situations such as these.