Christian Pakistani Boy Becomes Victim of Cruel Injustice

Christian Pakistani Boy Becomes Victim of Cruel Injustice


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This web news article posted on April 18, 2015 covers a cruel event. In Lahor, Pakistan A 14 year old boy named Nauman Masih told police that two men, who had just left a mosque after Friday prayers had consulted with him on April 10.  Nauman said that when they found out he was Christian, they harassed him and set him on fire. When Nauman came and told police officials, they denied taking his statement. Sadly after testifying his plea for justice, he died from his burns five days later; according to a human rights advocate. Even with a cellphone recording of the child’s statement, a senior police official still denied the hate crime.

“This is the first time I have seen secret agencies ‘guarding’ a burn victim,” she said. “They were keeping record of all people who were coming to visit the child. Whenever I tried approaching him, a person in civilian dress would stand next to the bed. They said they were just doing their job.”

The security agents did not allow her to ask him who set him on fire, she said.

The core democratic values demonstrated as very much lacking in this event are the values of authority, lifeliberty and responsibility.  It’s unfortunate and very sad that murders such as this occur daily in our world. As American citizens we are so fortunate considering that in the United States, you have the freedom of press and the opportunity to express your religious views without the fear of harm. The police that covered the death of Nauman tried to say that it wasn’t a religious hate crime, but the power they possessed in order to cover up the crime was obvious. The reporter wasn’t even able to ask who set the boy on fire. It’s scary knowing that some political organizations around the world are so far corrupted.

I believe that every birth, and every death no matter how cruel, brilliantly holds a purpose on earth. On the positive side, eternal life is something we can cling on to. The atoning sacrifice that our Heavenly Father offered to us by sending Jesus Christ enforces that promise. No matter now daunting the situations this generation is facing, God’s promise of restoration is at hand. God is love, and life itself and human beings are imperfect and immortal.