Christian students targeted during shooting in Oregon



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America yet faces another horrifying mass shooting in Oregon on Thursday, October 1st. The shooter was young man named Chris Harper Mercer, He was 26 years old. Mercer killed 10 innocent people and injured 7, he also was killed during the shooting. An injured student said that Mercer was only targeting people who’s religion is Christian.  The injured student witnessed her teacher get shot, and also her classmates that were Christian.

Mercer came very prepared to the shooting. He had on body armor and was equipped with many weapons.  At first investigators didn’t want to revel the shooters name. They did not want to give him the credit and attention that he would have wanted from the shooting. Students said that most of them didn’t know what was going. They kept quiet and hid, they also called there parents and loved ones. Most of the students were not sure if they would make it out alive.

This is such a tragic event. I believe that this event should be even more of a reason for proper gun control on a national basis. Innocent people shouldn’t have to go through this, because of improper gun control. Not only did this event cause innocent people to die, it also effects the other students who had to go through this trauma and there families. Gun control is very important in this country and is an issue that should be taken more seriously. oregon