Cold War Propaganda (1945-1991)


This shows how the two super powers aren’t gonna use the bombs because they are scared the enemy might retaliate. This is known as M.A.D. or Mutaly Assured Destruction = Cold War MADness.


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In 1945 President Franklin D. Roosevelt died and Word War II ended but a new war began;the Cold War. When the Cold War began it was a tension over the power of the atomic bomb between two industrial super powers; the United States and The Soviet Union. The reason why the United States went into war was because of a fear of communism spreading and Truman’s dislike for Stalin. The United States refused to share nuclear secrets but this did not prevent Russia from gaining access to the Atomic Bomb technology by 1949. Russia went into war with the USA because of a dislike of capitalism, fear of U.S. atomic bombs and because they wanted to spread communism. The Cold War lasted about 45 years.  The Cold War ended in 1991 after the 1989  fall of the Berlin wall and the shredding of the Iron curtain through capitalist policies of glastnost and perestroika implemented by the Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev.