College Students are for Free Speech…Unless it offends them

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Back in the good old days of not having to fear for your life when telling a joke, people were able to discuss things in a civil manner. People were able to sit down and talk about different view points or go hear a speech of the opposite political party. Now, you have to worry about getting physically harmed when going to an event held by a conservative speaker. Police have to wear riot gear to hold back the crowds of triggered and offended millennial’s deeming the different views and opinions they don’t want to hear is hate speech. They also think chanting the same thing and screaming in the faces of those with different opinions actually gets somewhere. In doing so, they end up looking like a bunch of children running around screaming because they didn’t get their way.

The main issue is from the left not wanting to hear another opinion than their own, deeming their safe space has been violated. There were 30 right leaning speakers in 2017 that faced a resistance when trying to speak on a college campus compared to the 5 left leaning speakers facing the same issue. These are both anti-free speech and a danger to our nation. The University of California at Berkeley had to spend $600,000 in security and preparation for Conservative speaker Ben Shapiro last year. 9 arrests were made that day. The Supreme court ruled that public institutions cannot turn away a speaker because they deem it offensive or hateful. A poll of 3,000 college students concluded that they are all generally for free speech, but once it seems to infringe on their beliefs, they think there should be a limitation on the type of speech. Once again, this is highly dangerous to our society as it goes against the very founding and beliefs of this Nation. If you can’t handle hearing others opinions and riot to suppress others, you don’t deserve to vote.


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