Colombia cocaine seizure and the international effort to stop the flow.


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Members of a drug squad guard more than 700 kilos of cocaine divided into 682 packages which were seized during an operation, in Santo Domingo on March 21, 2013.


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On Sunday, Colombian police took hold of 8.8 tons of cocaine along the border with Panama and Colombia. The seizure cocaine value is an estimated about $240 million. The drugs were discovered in an underground hideaway on a banana plantation in the municipality of Turbo. Three people were arrested in the operation. This is the biggest single seizure of Cocaine the Colombian government has ever had.

The United States has offered a $5 million reward for the capture of the drug gang’s leader, Pablo Escobar. Colombia produces 487 tons of cocaine according to the United Nations. Colombian authorities seized 278 tons of narcotics last year.  Seizures of that size are rare. In March 2007, the US Coast Guard seized nearly 20 tons of cocaine found on a cargo ship-the Gatun – headed from the Panama Canal to the Mexican port of Topolobampo. In 2001, the Colombian Coast Guard found 13 tons of cocaine aboard on a fishing boat off the Mexican coast because it had no working fishing equipment.

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VIDEO: Interception of a drug smuggling semi-sub


More than 2,000 officers were involved in the search, police said as they announced the operation last month. It was a major victory in a high profile-battle they’ve been waging for more than a year against the Colombian crime syndicate. This seizure will have a positive effect as it was for a good cause. This way other criminals engaged in similar crimes will get a warning as well. Hopefully the rate of drug selling will decrease.

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As seen on this map, South America is a global supplier of Cocaine. It is the most serious drug next to Opiates in the illegal drug market.