Color Blindness



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Side-by-side comparison of two images of apple...
Side-by-side comparison of two images of apples as seen by a trichromatic observer and the same apples as seen by a deuteranope (color blind individual). Simulation performed using the vischeck website ( with an algorithm originally developed by Brettel et al, 1994. Original images of apples are taken from the Wikipedia commons: and Author: Alex Wade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Color Blindness?

Most eye problems  happen because the eyes are not shaped correctly or the muscles are not working.  The causes of color blindness are unknown. Color is perceived by certain cells, called cones, in the retina of the eye. These cones are activated by pigment. If one of the cones is not working properly, you will not see the color.

Why are People Color Blind?

Sometimes color blindness can occur because of a disease of the retina or optic nerve (the nerve connecting the retina to the brain). This rarer form of color blindness starts out slow and gets worse as time passes. However, in the inherited form a person can see all details that anyone else can, they just cannot see the same colors as a person without color blindness.

How color blindness affect people?

Many people with color blindness usually can see some color, it is just distorted.  There are several types of color blindness.  One type is red-green colorblindness.  A person sees the colors red and green as the same color. Because person is born with this condition and have to learn how to categorize colors.  People who are color-blind cannot tell the difference between certain colors. In the common form of color blindness, they don’t know what the differences  between red and green . A few people have a rare form of color blindness in which they see all colors as shades of black and white. Apart from that, their vision is usually normal.

Color blindness is extremely common in men, with one of seven men are  color-blind. IT is totally different in women.  Only one woman in 200 is affected.   Women can have red-green color blindness only if their father had the problem and their mother either has colorblindness or someone in her family does.

English: Diagram of the eye that I made with s...
English: Diagram of the eye that I made with sodipodi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Color blindness does not  kill you; it is just changes how people see the world.

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