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To these pigments I am ignorant,

to these divides I say cave ’em in/

Tearing down these walls that divide us,

Instead open your mind and see the star stuff inside us/

In this day in age it’s become hard to trust the one beside us,

because of simple things like color and pigment that divide us/

looking for the truth in media but can’t find it, looking for news without any bias/

The same inside, color blind, it’s all about this modern interracial love we’ve come to find,

That to old white America was enough for prison time, cause to them unconditional love is a crime/

Even though the alt right sit in their pews, look at all the hate they spew, talking about this and that and picketing veteran funerals/

Yet they say love your neighbor, love your enemy, but to these people they hold bigotry/

They say look at his skin he’s a threat to me, if only they looked through my color blind eyes they could see/

How lovely life can be if we put down our bias and ego, let go of the pride and lets all be people/

Let’s be free, there’s no chaos in anarchy/

But the government would have you believe, we’d go back into the stone age without their money/

The federal reserve doesn’t discriminate, it only raises up the interest rates/

With the more money it makes, more from the people it takes, the more distractions the media creates/

Another bill is signed behind closed doors, away from prying eyes, to euthanize all the unwanted and dying under medical disguise/

look into the inner cities and you’ll find a murder factory, killing children before the baby could breathe or open their eyes/

Just think, that baby could’ve been you or me, or the doctor who could cure all disease/

Including this united divided empire country, that we call the land of the free/

It’s not the people who run this dirty green, it’s the environment created to divide you and me/

A people together, is a powerful people indeed, grown on US soil but the US has spoiled me/

Around the world chasing the oil, killing the people and making blood boil/

But see to me this all seems to lead to one thing, the utter destruction of what the new day should bring/

A gift of happiness and the rain of spring, a brighter future and victory hymns to sing/

we’ve won over our depression as a society, we’ve risen up and opened our eyes to see/

the world is ours and the human race is our label to be, no color to divide you and me.


Survive to Thrive to Inspire.

We are born color blind- source: creative commons google
We are born color blind- source: creative commons google