Computer Age: How did it affect society?

Computer Age: How did it affect society?
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Over time, humans have evolved. Technology has always been available in some form or another but the changing types of technology have brought big social revolutions. It is said that we’re currently in the 4th Industrial Revolution (artificial intelligence), and that the computer was created in the 3rd Industrial Revolution (Digital).

Lately when people say technology they think it must mean computers, smart phones, media, video games; this tells you how dominant computers have become. So when did the computer start affecting society?

The first concept of “screen time” came when Americans and others started watching Television at home.

Looking right now how technology has been so dominant over the course of the last 20-30 years, you should ask yourself: How was life in the 50’s or in the 60’s when the term technology didn’t meant computers or smartphones?

Simple. TV. But during the 50’s and the 60’s, only the upper class had access to that kind of technology. It wasn’t available to the other social classes until later on.

This shows a computer in the 1950’s which was used basically to calculate and code secret messages.

The first programmable computer was created right before World War II. It was called the Z1. But the first “modern” computer wasn’t created until after the Cold War. Basically, it took around 40 years for humans to develop world wide web technology because scientists were more focused in using technology for secret missions rather than using them for public life.

They were used to do simple things such as basic mathematical calculations. They could occupy the space of an entire room. At that time, these computers weren’t exactly “modern”, as we call them today. Also, only governments had access to computers at first. When the governments used these computers, they would use it to crack secret codes, etc.

Whirlwind machine
Computers during World War 2 and Cold War. The British and the Americans were the first ones to use a computer to create codes and break secret codes of the enemy during World War II.

The personal computer was available in 1981, nearly after the Cold War.

A funny look at how things stay the same as they change

Image result for computers before and after
An example of how computers have changed over time.

How was society affected by this new revolution?

Simple. At the time, nobody was fully aware of the potential of the computers. But, as time went by, people began realizing that computers actually made a lot of things easier. For example, how to calculate and new forms of communication.

As technology changed (and so did the Internet), everyday things like shopping, buying a house, or even buying that video game you always wanted, have become a lot more easier. Now, when people want to search something that they don’t know, they just use this phrase: “Google it!”.

I said earlier about how computers and the Internet gave new forms of communication. The world today is united mostly by social networks like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. Thank you, Mark Zuckerburg. For example, imagine you’re in the 15th century. How would a message go from one country to another? It would probably be on horse, and it would take days for the message to get to it’s destination, right? Well, now with the advance in technology, a message can go from USA to France in seconds.

As technology increases, so does the risk that your accounts can get hacked. It’s not just computers people have to worry about nowadays. It can also be smartphones, tablets, virtual assistants, and even gaming consoles. All of these, if you don’t know how to protect them correctly, could be open for hackers and cyber stalkers. Maybe not all of these devices have personal info, but they’re all connected to the same network.

Which means that if a hacker (for example) can hack into your virtual assistant (In this case, we’ll use Alexa), they might have access to more important information such as your social profiles or even your own bank account (dun dun duuun).

Sometimes, hackers can get to your information where you won’t expect it to happen. Your children’s account could be in danger if not monitored on time. They make a go-to target for hackers because they know you won’t pay attention to the security of your children’s account (unless you want to block that one violent show they love to watch). So, when they start adding bank information or personal information, hackers can gain access to it very easily. What is my advice? Monitor you child’s account, parents. Always make sure to protect every account of your family, even the children. While computers have made many tasks easier, they also introduce new risks and responsibilities for their users.

As a student, i mainly use computers for information and YouTube. I’m not gonna lie. I use it for YouTube. It makes talking with my family in Guatemala easier and getting all the latest information for my favorite games. I also know about the risks about going into the Internet and what it can do to me. That’s why i only use reliable websites and approved games. Note: When you download a game, don’t use mods.

In summary, computers and technology in general have their ups and downs. It’s important to stay protected and always use technology for positive outcomes, such as learning, networking, maintaining relations, or even getting help with that one assignment from school you have trouble with.