Conflict between North Korea and South Korea



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The North Korean Government  in Pyongyang plans to use live weapons in a drill as they recently notified Seoul South Korea.  The South Korean response was strong since similar exercises were done before and it caused an exchange of fire between the tense nations. Residents of the border islands were notified about such threats and precautions are being  made. This also includes South Korean fishing vessels nearby that were told to stay away from the area.

There’s no doubt  that the tension has been building up between these two nations. Such dramatic actions from Pyongyang aren’t anything new anymore says a South Korean civilian. It just causes stress on the people and also intimidation which leads to loss of business around the border islands of South/North Korea. South Korea makes it clear that if any bullet shells land in South Korean soil there wont be any hesitation in returning fire.

North Korea wasn’t too happy when Barack Obama demanded Pyongyang to abandon nuclear weapons program, and by threatening tougher sanctions if another test takes place. In return, Pyongyang states that Obama’s actions were provocative and it only made North Korea Prepare better for an all out nuclear war.

It’s only a matter of time before these two nations engage in a military war. Precautions should be taken since many lives are in danger; so many of them innocent lives that suffer from their leader’s poor decisions. South Korea has all the right to return fire if North Korea engages first.  Of course this involves US going into battle with North Korea as well which wouldn’t be the best solution to this conflict.

North Korea’s aggressive way of sending out messages to his rivals is very provocative and promising but they still haven’t officially attacked anybody yet which gives us a sense that they are all talk and no action.  I don’t think North Korea should be underestimated or ignored. In fact our military among the South Korean Army should be ready at all times.  The Korean conflict of the 1950s continues to this day as the promise of the  cease fire is uncertain.