Consequences of the Versailles Treaty



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Versailles Peace Treaty
Versailles Peace Treaty (Photo credit: Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives)

America does not want to sign this treaty because America does not want to get into the League of Nations.  This treaty punished Germany and does not have the power to be enforced.  The Treaty Of Versailles was a peace settlement signed after WWI had ended in 1918.  The treaty was signed at the vast Versailles Palace near Paris which you can tell where the title came from. This treaty was between Germany and the allies, three allied leaders there were Woodrow Wilson, David Loyd George, Gorges Clemenceau.

The treaty can be divided into a number of sections; Military, Territorial, Financial and General. The treaty seemed to satisfy the “Big Three” ( Soviet Union, Britain, United States) In their eyes it was just a peace treaty to keep Germany weak yet strong enough to stay democratic. Later, Allies created a organization that they hoped would end warfare throughout the world. This organization was called The League of Nations and the US Congress voted against joining it.  Germany felt like they were treated unfairly, many Germans citizen felt like they were being punished for something the German Government had done; it was the government who started the war not the people.

I wonder why the League Of  Nation was so weak? I think the League of Nations was weak because they did not have the support of the US and the economy weakened which affected resources and caused people to put authority in the hands of dictators.

Who was in the Allied power? British Empire, France, and the revolutionary Russia.  Other nations that became allied were linked by other treaties and trade.

Final German territorial losses after WWI
Final German territorial losses after WWI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)