Cops aquitted on murder charges


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Back in July of 2011, Kelly Thomas a mentally ill homeless man who lived in Fullerton, California was fatally beaten by two cops. The beating took place in a transit parking lot, and  the whole incident was recorded on camera. The camera footage showed Thomas being beaten, clubbed and stunned with a Taser by the cops. The video went viral and sparked a nationwide outcry for justice. The two police officers Manuel Ramos, and Jay Cicinelli both faced charges of involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force. The verdict was read in a Santa Ana courtroom Monday afternoon. Eight women and four men began deliberating the case on Thursday. The verdict was “Not Guilty” and both men were acquitted on all charges.

Anytime a person is killed by the use of force, it is wrong and definitely deserves to be punished. In this case the two men, both being police officers, took an innocent mans life and weren’t given any type of punishment. That is wrong and shows how our justice system is failing.  People are sent to prison for fighting, stealing and other not so bad crimes, but in this case 2 men were set free for killing a man. Justice?