Cops Smash Window And Taser Passenger During Traffic Stop

Cops Smash Window And Taser Passenger During Traffic Stop


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On Sept 24 the Hammond Police pulled over the incident, which took place unfolded after a woman was pulled over for not wearing her seatbelt. Several officers approached the car, and asked the driver and passenger to show identification. When the passenger refused to do so, officers asked him to step out of the car.The man refused to cooperate so police broke the window,tased the man and pulled him out of the car with force.

The police department in Indiana is facing a federal lawsuit. The lawyers defending the man in the car have a statement from him saying “he feared the police would harm him after he got out of the car”. And according to a statement from the Hammond Police Department, the passenger refused to leave the vehicle after repeated requests to do so. The problem with this is both are to blame for this situation because if the man cooperated with the cops this wouldnt have happened and the police should of handled this peacefully.

A peaceful solution to this problem, that could of been done is to help calm the victim down by making him feel like its safe because in that situation the cops were making everything more stressful by not talking to the man calm and orderly.The fact that this issue could of been avoided annoys me because the cops chose the easy, forceful way out of the situation.It makes you question “who really is the bad guy in this situation”?