Corruption and the Drug Game in Bolivia

Corruption and the Drug Game in Bolivia


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Two Bolivians, and three Paraguayans were detained in airplane with 300 kilos of cocaine in Concepcion, Paraguay.

“The cargo belongs to a network of Paraguayans associated with Brazilians, some of them operate inside from jail” said Luis Rojas, chief  secretary of national anti-drugs (Senad) from Paraguay.
Chief of anti-drug pointed out that they had been following the drug dealers as part of operation “Halcon VI”(Falcon VI) in which they detected the drugs were being imported from Bolivia.

Bolivia is the third producer in the world of leaf coca and cocaine, after Peru and Colombia, according to the United Nations (UN). On the other hand, Paraguay is a country used by drug gangs to process the drug.  A high percentage of these drugs that originate in Latin America’s poorer countries end up in the United States through professional smuggling networks.

People in Bolivia tend to relate with the drug business for the following reasons;

  • the poverty line is a 45% (est 2011),
  • In the west of Bolivia, for example because its more big and wide the people tend to make and distribute drugs; mainly cocaine.
  • since its hard to get a job, they just go for the easy money.
  • The government, specially the cops are corrupt,                                                                                                I have seen cases near the farm my family has, that cops had busted but nothing really happened. It did not even make the news. Even though Bolivia is a “democracy” the president pretty much does what he wants, he does a few things good about the country but behind all the cameras and the people, does his own thing. He associates with Hugo Chavez and the Castro regime. Evo Morales (P.O.B.) is basically trying to make Bolivia a dictatorship, since last year he won the third consecutive election.

    English: President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, De...
    English: President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, December 2009. Dansk: Bolivias præsident, Evo Morales, december 2009. Español: Presidente de Bolivia Evo Morales, diciembre de 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)