Crazy Mother Needs Help

Crazy Mother Needs Help


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40 year old Megan Huntsman pleaded guilty in February for 6 felony murders. She will spend an estimated amount of 30 years of jail before she can even get parole.

“I really thought I had seen it all until this case,”  Judge Darold McDade said during sentencing on Monday.

Megan’s husband ,Darren West, Had found the body of a new born baby wrapped completely inside a plastic garbage bag inside his garage. The police had searched the entire house to eventually find the bodies of 7 dead babies. Each baby was found wrapped up in towels or shirts and placed inside garbage bags. Huntsman came forward and told the police she had strangled or suffocated at least six babies immediately after she gave birth to them between 1996 and 2006. The seventh baby, she said; was stillborn. In a DNA test, West came out to be the father of all 7 babies but was unaware of  all 7 pregnancies.

“Depression and alcohol took hold of me the same way drugs did,” she said in a statement read by her attorney. “I cannot give a reasonable answer why I was capable of such a sick and heinous crime. I held my secret for 18 years.”

Humans always have the option of controlling their lifes. If she felt unprepared to be a mother of 7 or was passing it drunk all the times, then she should have alerted her husband to use protection so that they may never have to come to this conclusion. It’s devistating to hear when one takes the life of another especially when they are a new born. One must admire what they have and appreciate that life has brought you a baby to grow and love.