The Crucible: character analysis


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John Proctor began this movie with a selfish outlook on life. He willingly had sex with a 17 year old Abigail Williams, committing adultery as well as lechery. John is a good man riddled with guilt.
I feel that the movie wouldn’t have been able to progress without John Proctor’s internal struggles, seeing as how they were one of the main points of interest in the movie. John Proctor is a good man going through a season of hard decisions.
John faces many crucibles in this film. The fact that John’s wife (Elizabeth) acts withdrawn and distant/ angry could be one of the reasons he cheated on her in the first place. When John and Abigail meet behind the courthouse you can see through his demeanor and facial expressions that he doesn’t feel comfortable continuing the affair but a part of him feels pulled to Abigail’s fiery personality. I took from the move that this interaction eludes to a downfall of John. Another test of John’s will arises when Abigail accuses his wife Elizabeth of witch craft. John knows this is partially his fault as Abigail only makes these accusations because she wants John to herself. Through this turn of events John is able to find the confidence within him to attempt saving his family from being torn apart, as well as preserving the family name. Eventually John cannot sit idly by while the charade between him and Abigail is kept quiet. He decides to tell everyone the truth and admit to committing adultery, but by the time he admits his wrong doing it is too late. He is then accused of witch craft by Mary Warren and sent to the prison to await trial.
Towards the end of the film I feel like John changes from a self-centered individual to a more caring and open minded person. His true colors are especially shown when he decides to take death rather than live the rest of his lifetime known as a witch. This, Although the end of the story, is the largest problem/test of the movie.
I see a give me liberty or give me death theme to the movie as well as within John, Which is admirable but also a little foolish. John is a good person to the core as shown in the end. He Chooses not to agree to being a witch , which would have also dishonored his fellow prisoners who refused to admit to witchcraft and are brave enough to die to prove innocence. I feel like even though John may have walked the earth facing persecution and slander , but his stand for integrity and commitment to ones values will grant him a spot in heaven.