Prisoners Set Free to Greet the Pope

Prisoners Set Free to Greet the Pope


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Cuba’s highest authority says it is releasing  3,522 prisoners ahead of when the Roman Catholic Pope Francis visits the islands this week. Included in the prison release is a mix of women, people younger than 20, inmates suffering from illness and people whose terms were coming to an end next year. However, the government decided  it won’t release those who  are convicted of serious crimes such as murder, child sexual abuse or violations of state security.

The Cuban government decision seems good. The government’s decision about not letting the prisoners who were convicted of serious crimes be free was right. Many citizens feel good about the governments decision but they see it as an act of mercy. ” If they’ve learned from their sentence in prison and almost completed their sentence, then I think it’s the right decision” a Cuban citizen commented.  This seems to be something you would say if you don’t want to get in trouble with the Cuban authorities.

The pope will also be visiting the United States but our government would never release prisoners like Cuba is doing now. United States doesn’t put people who protest against the government in jail because the people have their own rights. Maybe the people who Cuba is releasing were not really guilty.