Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack


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On Friday, June 5th, China accused United States of making reckless choices.  The US pointed  fingers at them for assuming they are the one’s doing the cyber attacks. Recently the US had just experienced the biggest cyber attack  in history with over four million federal workers being hacked with their personal information(names, Social Security numbers and birth dates).

Experts said stolen information could be used for financial gain or to identify intelligence targets.

“We’re still evaluating how serious the breach is, but if it does involve the compromising of the personal records of four million Americans, I certainly think that a strong response is warranted,”

“I fear a cyber-‘Pearl Harbor’ is increasingly likely if we do not invest in the necessary infrastructure to protect our nation”

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that it is very complicated at the moment to assume anybody of being the attacker. He spoke for China by saying they where against cyber attacks and wish that the United States back off on trying to make their country look bad.

“We hope the United States side could discard this kind of suspicion and stop groundless accusations. We would like to see more trust and cooperation from the U.S.,” he added.


I have heard of these recent cyber attacks that have caused many in fear of getting their information compromised to the wrong people. IF China was the one to hack us and steal many of our personal and confidential information, then they may be putting their selves in harm. United States has had a long period of time at peace with China; therefore should not be making mistakes on messing up that friendship. If China isn’t the one’s involved in this attack then who? who dares to challenge our state and put harm to the life of many by digging through their data. The one thing that bothers me is how does one manage to hack our government? Shouldn’t their firewalls and maximum protection keep personal information safe from being leaked out to the world? We shouldn’t accuse anyone of doing anything if the facts and evidence have not yet been proven to be China because that strains an already shaky relationship of trust and diplomacy between two powerful nations.