Dairy may not be healthy after all!

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Almost all of the foods that we love to eat everyday contain dairy, but did you know that some people have problems with the most popular ingredient used on food? Some people may not be able to digest milk; the popular term for this is called “lactose intolerant”, however, there are other side effects that the dairy can cause to our body. I myself am lactose intolerant and living in a world where dairy is almost used on every food is very difficult. My first priority when going out to eat is to check whether the food is dairy free. It also affects the hormones in your body and causes a lot of problems such as breaking out (acne), and our sex hormones. Side effects vary from people to people, but the side effect that stands out the most for people is that dairy can worsen or cause acne.

Over 75% of the population world wide are lactose intolerant, which is a lot. When we were first born, we had nothing else to consume besides breast milk. Overtime we start eating other food besides milk, and when that happens, most people will lose their lactose enzymes and will not be able to properly digest milk anymore. In addition, when we reach adolescence, it only gets worse from there. For teens who inherited acne genetics from their parents, dairy will cause the acne to develop into a much worse acne called “cystic acne”. The reason dairy causes acne is because it affects our insulin level. Our insulin levels spike up whenever we ingest food that contains dairy, and an increased level of insulin leads to more acne breakouts.


This is How Dairy Affects Your Hormones. Get Ready to #DitchDairy Today!