Dance Bachata



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Dancing Bachata is not as difficult as you think. Begin by getting relaxed, getting all of the stress out of you and getting some comfortable clothes. Next,  you need to move 2 steps to the right and 2 steps to the left. After you have done the 4 steps you can start to learn how to cross your feet and at the same time dance side to side. Then, you can start by crossing your feet and turning around with some soft movements. Next, you can decide whether or not to put one of your feet to the back after you hit the first 2 steps. After that if you are ready, you can get a partner and start practicing more with him/her. Lastly, you need music to start your own dance at your own rhythm. That’s all you need to know in order to Dance Bachata.

There’s some different ways to dance Bachata like Dominican Bachata, Guatemala Bachata, basic steps.