David Beckham



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Beckham chats with Ferguson
Beckham chats with Ferguson (Photo credit: Joscarfas)

David Beckham is a soccer player from Great Britain and he made his debut in Ridgeway Rovers. He started to play at age eight. His father decided to put Beckham in a team called Ridgeway Rovers where he played for three seasons and scored over a 100 goals. When he was 11 years-old his life changed completely at Old Trafford where he won a famous trophy called “soccer abilities” and it was offer from a legendary Sir Bobby Charlton. The prize was to practice with Barcelona‘s squad. After all this practice he got called from a team called Manchester United, where he started his career. Beckham played for seven-years in the club, and then he got transferred from Manchester to Real Madrid where he played for five years. After being transferred in all famous clubs he ended at Paris Saint German (PSG). In PSG he played for six moths and donated all his money to a social program helping poor people. His wages were about 12.5 million, and this was when he was retiring. Now, he retired and he is a model for Adiddas. David Beckham was considered one of the best mid fielders in the whole world playing three world cup finals for England.