Day 3: 2nd and final day of CTI (for now)

Day 3: 2nd and final day of CTI (for now)

Dannia Contreras

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Today I went to muster, like always, at 7:05 then got breakfast.. you know the usual. BUT this time I got to come back up to my room and hang out until 9:00!!! After all these days going straight to CTI or doing other things really early in the morning I finally got to have some time to myself! However, I did not come back upstairs to take a nap.. I showered and met up with another corps member to take pictures of campus before heading to the first info session. I got some pretty cool shots which I have already uploaded.

The first CTI was reaaaaaaaaaally long, it was 2.5 hours long, but they let us move around which was so great. The weather today was also very nice, in the 50’s, so we got to walk outside to each building instead of using the tunnels. After the first one it was one more which was over with earlier than expected (no complaints here!) Then I had the rest of the afternoon to myself!

I went to Pizza Ranch to bond with 12 other corps members, and then came back to play Cards Against Humanity for a little while. Overall, today was really fun. I really feel like I belong here and I think the staff and Team Leaders are doing an amazing job of making us feel welcome. The transition has been so smooth it’s crazy to think that I don’t even miss home yet!