De la Violencia a la Sanacion



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Danny Centeno Miranda came to the U.S.A in 2013, Danny was targeted because he refused to join a gang in El Salvador. Danny moved to the U.S. from El Salvador in late 2013 to escape danger in his home country and live with his aunt, uncle and cousins. When Danny came here he felt safe, but the thing that he didn’t know was that he wasn’t safe at all. Danny started to go to school in Park View High School Sterling, Virginia. His teachers said that Danny was a good teenager, he always was paying attention in class and trying to learn English. He worked as a busboy at the Benihana restaurant at Dulles Town Center to help his mother in his country.

One Friday morning about 8:30 AM when he was on his way to School to wait for the bus he was shot multiple times at E. Cornell and N. Duke drives, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. Danny was rushed to a hospital, where he died. Many of his friends were in shock because they can’t believe that a young boy was killed like that.

Many people believe that maybe he was involved in gang and that’s why they killed him. What nobody knows is that when a person tries to escape from gangs, the leaders of the gang do everything to see that person dead. Why do many people even want to join a gang? many of teenagers are chosen from the leader to join the gang group because they want to have people in different places; that way they can use others to grow the gang or to have access wherever they want. Many of the teenagers don’t want to be in the gang because they know that they never can quit and they have to do what the leader of the gang says.


Map of drug trafficking in Central America

For more information on the national organization ICE which enforces laws to limit gangs and gang activity in the United States:

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Los Angeles, California has seen a large amount of gang violence over the years but they are also home to a very successful program for overcoming gang culture with a culture of family, love, and respect.