Death of Eight People at Restraunt in Czech Republic



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An unstable 60 year old man killed eight people at a restraunt in the Czech Republic leaving families in shock. He fired 25 shots in a restraunt of 20 people, shortly after he killed himself. The agencys Reuters said that this was rare to happen in Czech Republic. The Prime Minister of Czech Republic,Bohuslav Sobotka was surprised by the tragic incident and gave his respect to the family and friends of the victims.

I think the Prime Minister has loyalty for his citizens, because by showing remorse for the people lost and contacting their family members it shows that he admires his people and the future of Czech Republic.Showing loyalty is very respectful and makes you a good friend, family member, or worker. You can tell that life is a huge core value for the Prime Minister. He wants all his people’s lives safe.

It is great that things like this don’t happen much in Czech Republic. Nothing much could of saved the lives of these people, except if the old man would of gotten help from a mental institution these lives could have been saved. I think it was very generous but needed of the Prime Minster to send his condolences to the family memebers and friends of the victims. It shows that the leader really cares about his people and their saftey. This makes me think about mental health for our future.

We need to look into our nations future and really manage it. I think many killings happen because of people being mentally unstable and if we take care of them imagine what we could concur. I know that no one is perfect but this is unacceptable to happen. Could ISIS be involved?

Václav Klaus, president and former prime minis...
Václav Klaus, president and former prime minister of the Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)