Democratic Debate Should Not Ignore Fair Wages.



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In Oct. 13th of 2015 the democratic candidates for president were discussing issues over gun control and the war on ISIS. They talked about the raise of minimum wages. They agreed that there needs to be a raise but they aren’t sure of how much.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were part of this debate. Clinton agreed in the need to raise the minimum wages on a national level. She thinks that the minimum needs to be higher. A $12.00 an hour wage minimum would be beneficial for all the hard workers and it would be create more tax revenue as well. Clinton also has the goal to make $15.00 an hour the minimum but that’s a goal that looks really far to reach so she is willing to compromise at $12.

The raising of the minimum wages is a great idea but we need to be fair.  If we start to think about a minimum wages of $15.00 dollars there will be a lot of problems. The negative effects include the fact that it will be harder to find a job because not all employers can pay that much, the prices for meals at restaurant and other basic goods would go up. Why would this happen?  These things would happen because the managers will be losing money in the cost of their employees instead of getting money. Th e effect of higher wages will be canceled by the effect of higher prices.  This is why we can not raise wages to high but we need to find the right balance of a fair living wage.  This is why many say that minimum wage laws should be local laws, state laws and not national laws.

What do you think about the minimum  wage being $15.00 dollars an hour ?