Democrats want to raise minimum wage

Democrats want to raise minimum wage


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The “Fair Minimum Wage Act”, introduced in the House by Rep. George Miller and in the Senate by Sen. Tom Harkin is an attempt by Democrats to raise the national minimum wage for employees. The legislation would increase the minimum wage which now is  $7.25 an hour to $8.20 in the first year, then to $9.15 the year after and to $10.10 in the third year. Thereafter, it would be indexed to inflation. This is an attempt to help those who “work a minimum of 20 hours a week, make ends meet”. If passed it would help bring a families salary from $15,000 up to $21,000 which would raise the salary past the poverty line. In the U.S roughly 1.6 million employees make minimum wage. This bill would also raise the hourly base for workers paid in tips from $2.13 up to $3.00.

Overall I think this proposal is awesome and would be a blessing to many struggling employees trying to make a living. Anytime the government trys to put more money into the people’s pockets, I think is a good thing. A lot of people will be positively affected by this and it will ultimately help millions of people.

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