Detroit Police Arrest Minimum Wage Protesters: The 1st Amendment and Equal Rights


Dozens of people were arrested during a minimum wage protest outside a Detroit McDonald’s


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On Thursday morning September 4th, 2014  a group of protesters marched through a parking lot at a local Detroit McDonalds. They were shouting slogans and throwing bottles at the drive thru. The Detroit police arrested several of the protestors.The protestors were part of a D15 campaign which consists of both fast food workers and their supporters. The reason for this uproar is the fact that the workers are getting a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour which is below average.President  Obama addressed this issue and is working with Congress to raise the national minimum wage. Who wouldn’t want an honest days pay for an honest days work?

The Detroit Police Department knew the right for citizens to assemble and protest. However, it must be understood that there are still laws when it comes to protesting. Citizens engaged in protesting cannot become disorderly, block or disrupt the movement of other citizens or attempt to infringe on the rights of other citizens. There were several citzens who broke this law and in the process got arrested. Some of the protestors however got ticketed instead.

The problem with this story is the fact that if the protesters did not resort to trashing the drive thru by throwing bottles then there would be no arrests. If the police see any acts of violence it is their duty to keep the peace. No force was used during these arrests and all of the protestors were compliant throughout the process. Both sides handled this situation delicately without any injuries. The only disruption was the disorderly conduct of some angry protesters.

Detroit Police Department
Detroit Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)