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How Common is Diabetes?

Today there many people with this sickness. In fact there are about 29 million people have this disease.  This disease can be in adults or children.  In children, it is called Juvenile Diabetes.  Diabetes starts to develop when your body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin, or, the body cannot use insulin properly. There are two types of diabetes. People with Diabetes Type One must take insulin every day to replace insulin their body are not make. Diabetes Type Two is when the body does not use insulin properly and cannot carry sugar into their cells.

How Can I Know I Have Diabetes?

There are many symptoms when a person starts getting diabetes. Many lose weight, others get vision disorders, or have an abnormal thirst. Also, many people who have diabetes start develop heart disease.

Česky: Ampule inzulínu Actrapid (pro užití inz...
Česky: Ampule inzulínu Actrapid (pro užití inzulínkou) a Novorapid (pro užití do IP) od firmy NovoNordisk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Can I Do if I Have Diabetes?

Diabetes does not have cure. To those people who have diabetes there are many ways to control the blood sugar. They can eat food that is low in fat. Keeping off weight can be done by not eating too many foods with a lot of sugar.   You should also drink a lot of water and stay away from alcohol and sugary drinks like Coke.  This is because water and diet drinks have no calories or sugar.  If necessary the doctor can prescribe a medicine, called insulin, that helps control of the sugar.  You can check your blood sugar to see if you need more insulin with a monitor.  The monitor will tell you how much more you need.  Then you will have to give yourself a dose of insulin my injecting it into your body.

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