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  • Jeeper4LifeFeb 10, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    The South didn’t like national government because they like state government where they can do whatever and not have so much regulation while national wanted a lot of regulation and control you. The Civil War was based off of economy which a lot of people thinks major problem that caused the civil war was slavery or racist which it was not the problem. only why slavery was around because you can pay less for workers. I like this article it gives the main facts about why the civil war was started. South is not racist, a racist person is by personality, that’s why i always get pissed when people say southern people are racist, like no it’s not and stop jumping to conclusion. Another thing people would say well the KKK use the Confederate flag to represent them. First the KKK used the American flag when they started and then switch to the Confederate flag which made all the southern people look bad. That why i hate the KKK. ” The South Will Rise Again”

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