Diplomacy in the classroom

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In Government class the video conversations with the Plymstock School of England were really helpful for me. Through the video conferences, we knew their point of view and they knew our opinion about our shared interests.

One of my classmates had this to say after viewing our second conference

What I learned about that video is that individual people make a difference. I wasn’t here the day of the conference but I can tell that  you all were talking about what is happening in the world. It seems like some of you believe that the only power that can change the world for the benefit of the people is the government people..

In my opinion I think that is not true, I think we can change the world without the power of the government. The government is the Government because of “we the people”. Without our opinions or help the government can’t do anything. If none of us will give a vote to the government then they wouldn’t be able to do anything. We are the ones that can change the world.