Diplomacy In The Classroom

Diplomacy In The Classroom


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Earlier today on November 4th, 2015, a connection between Plymstock, England and Centreville, Virginia was made. With the help of a program called FacetoFaith, we were able to have a video conference with a school in Plymstock and discuss the differences and similarities between our communities.

The conference helped us understand how we can view things and respond in a respectful and democratic way. Even though we had differences there were topics that we could agree on such as soccer and the need to avoid stereotypes. With the topic of diversity, it interested me because not only is Centreville more diverse but we’re even diverse musically. With multiple genres of music from latin to hip hop to rock I asked if you guys express yourselves through music too.

We came to the conclusion that our similarities as young people are stronger than any differences between us.  This was a rewarding experience that we hope to repeat in the future.