Diplomacy in the classroom


msr sergio

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On the morning of November 4th  some students from Mountain View Government classes and I had a conversation with students from Plymstock, England. It was amazing because we shared many points of view of our lives and schools. It was good how some students from Mountain View and England are the same because many of them had connections with us in sports, or religions.  My favorite topics were the religion and sports. Everyone gave their point of view of religions and it seems like our generation cares about spiritual unity in human beings while they sometimes see religion as a source of division. All of them respected the opinions and  arguments for each one.

Some students were talking about sports including soccer which is my favorite sport. I love soccer from England! In my opinion the Premier League is the best because each team is very competitive. I enjoy so much to learning about English cultures and the experiences of some students in England who come from other countries and who sometimes have bad moments like discrimination. England is very similar to the USA because both democratic countries have many immigrants.

I do not have words to express my feelings how glad I am to be part of this conversation with students from England and learn amazing qualities of them. I would like them to learn more about us as we can learn more about them.   The diplomacy proved that we can talk and share with people from different countries and we can be sociable and make a good relationship.