Diplomacy in the Classroom

Diplomacy in the Classroom


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On November 4th we had a video chat with The Plymstock School in England.  We had a 60 minute conversation talking about religion and diversity and 9/11. I love these topics because I can relate to them from my own experience.  Especially here in America we have problems with religion, and majorly with racism. It is weird to see how in England you don’t see much diversity of races involved in the classrooms like we do here. Its interesting to see the differences in teenagers who in many ways are also like us.

Comparing the function of schools around the world function to our own is both motivating and interesting. In Plymstock they aren’t allowed to dye their hair, they wear uniforms and we don’t. I think it was very nice for our school to have had this video chat, it had everyone engaged in the conversation. Its nice to see how other people think differently, and how their opinions are different than ours. We should do this more often in our school year, not only with England but with other countries also. It would be really nice for us to know more and more about different cultures.

My question to the students of Plymstock:

Seeing how we are, are you interested in visiting America or would you prefer to stay there?