Diplomacy is Good Business

Diplomacy is Good Business

msr sergio

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In a message to Congress, President Obama said that America and Cuba are entering into a new relationship and partnership open to trade and conversation.  Cuba has been removed from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Cuba is a country which was part of a lot of conflict with the USA because of the Cold War and the Castro dictatorship. It has been over 60 years. This country has been suffering a lot because its next door  neighbor the Unite States cut all kinds of relationship with it.  This country had been considered a supporter of  terrorists and a USA enemy.  It was in the same category of countries like  Russia, Syria,  Iran, etc. For this reason some people are still not in agreement with President Obama’s decision to make normal relations with this country.

Why is it good to improve relationships with old enemies?

The benefits  to improve relationships with old enemies are that the countries could improve their economies together; both countries need each other. They could trade. Cuba is a poor country; it needs a lot resources that USA could give it.   Also, Cuba was permitted to ask help from USA enemies like Russia because their economy was getting worse. Russia helped Cuba during the cold war for needs which USA denied it.

USA needs to permit Cuba  be more of a friend. Cuba should be a family because it is so close and many Cubans live in American cities like Miami. If these countries work together many things could be more positive between two close neighbors located in the same continent. If USA has a good relationship with other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, then why should it be so difficult to have a good relationship with an American Country?  I think if USA makes  Cuba part of its  family, it would never threaten USA Again. This beautiful island country has suffered a lot because it is a victim of larger conflicts between USA and the World .

 Many countries like South and Central America need a lot of  help from the USA, but this country also depends on them. A lot of natural resources like oil; it is getting from Venezuela, and farming from this countries sell the best products to this country . USA is a big country, but it does no have everything. A lot of land is cover of snow during the winter so trading with the south helps our food supply. The other countries have good weather to farm during our winter.  USA has a good economy; this means many of the resources they need are here in our continent and we can be more independent and powerful.