Diversity on the runway


lil shmurda

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This news report claims that African American’s are difficult to prepare for a runway because the texture of their hair and tone of their skin. The darker the model’s skin is, the agents would create excuses about make up and that the color wouldn’t show up.  In my second resource a very poplar model, Nykhor, who came from South Sudan recently complained about how the white models are treated differently than the black models because of their complexion. Although I understand what she was saying I would have recommended her wording it differently. Its okay to address an issue, but to point out a issue on racism and being racist about it isn’t the right thing to do. Finally my last resource helps us realize that things like this can  be changed with the help of people like Bethann Hardison. She is encouraging us to move on from this situation with her understanding of both sides of the issue.  She makes many solutions to this problem. One of the solutions is introducing new bright make up to darker models.




The Core Democratic values in these stories shows fairness: A value concerning the quality of making judgments that are just. It allows for even handed justice that is appropriate for the circumstances. As a  beautiful young colored woman, I’ve witnessed this when I went to my sister Jadia’s, photo shoot, where she was told to show up with her hair already done and foundation on while she watched other models get the luxury of being pampered and made to feel “special”. I believe every model should feel special. Being treated that way really hurts African models in all tones of skin.

Black Is Beautiful