DNA Links Suspect in Hannah Graham Case to 2 Missing Women

DNA Links Suspect in Hannah Graham Case to 2 Missing Women


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You may have heard of the missing UVA student, Hannah Graham earlier this month. At first law enforcement knew little to nothing about the girls disappearance. The night she went missing, Graham texted several of her friends saying she was “Lost” after not hearing from her the next day, police were called. The main suspect in the case, Jesse Matthew, was seen with Graham on video surveillance, the night she went missing. Police believe that Matthew was the last person seen with the UVA student. And due to him fleeing and having to be extradited back to Virginia, that raises more speculation on his part.

DNA evidence links Jesse Matthew to the death of Virginia Tech student, Taylor Harrington, in 2009. Virginia state police said on money it was a “forensic link” but did not elaborate specifically on what the link was. Almost from the start of the investigation, there was speculation of a connection between Hannah Graham’s disappearance and the death of Taylor Harrington.

Matthew’s lawyer conversed with his client for almost three hours but did not make any comments expect, “Because everything is under seal, I found no evidence that links my client to either of these women.” Taylor Harrington was a 20-year old Virginia Tech student who went missing after attending a Metalica concert in Charlottesville 2009. Her remains were found on a farm months later. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of death. The last major development in the Harrington case came in 2010, when her murder was connected to the kidnapping and rape of another woman in Fairfax, Virginia around 2005. The woman who survived the ordeal was able to create a sketch of her abductor, and that sketch was the only bit of hope the Harrington family had for a long time. The name of this woman has not and will not be released. All police have said was that “forensic evidence” linked the cases.

Matthew is being held in isolation in a Virginia jail.

The democratic values that relate to this situation are life and truth. You have one woman who has been killed, and no justice for her death has come in five years. Then you have a missing girl who could be dead, but no one knows. And another woman who was raped and kidnapped, but survived, and has also not received justice for what has happened to her. All of these lives matter, no ones life deserves to get taken for any reason. The truth would save these families the guilt of feeling like they could have done something. The truth would give answers to these families who wonder everyday who could have done this and why. If Jesse Matthew did commit one, if not all of these crimes, I believe the truth will set him free.

Top left: Sketch of the man who kidnapped and raped the Fairfax woman. Bottom left: Taylor Harrington. Top right: Jesse Matthew. Bottom right; Hannah Graham